Foam inserts

Foam is available in Black or White.  It is PE (polyethylene foam, 1.7#).

Photos shown are random orders to show the variety in foam insert design.  To find out more, email us or LiveChat.

Foam inserts are made to order to fit your specific contents, inside the selected GalleryBoard Packaging gift box.  Quoted on request.  Provide items and we create a prototype for your approval.  Tooled after approval.  Foam is Polyethylene (PE), and is made from 90% consumer waste and can be recycled as a plastic #4.  

Single bottle options shown:

FM-565 inside 40-22-R31 (cavity is 13.75 x 3.875)

FM-568 inside 40-22-R33 (cavity is 15.7 x 4.75 for bucket)

FM-483 inside 40-22-R17 (cavity is 11.75 x 3.25)

  • F-45_TecnoSilver_Reflections_FM-577 for two glasses-1.jpg
  • F-42_R-2_TecnoBlack_ProFootball Hall of Fame_with FM-576.jpg
  • E-18_R-10_TecnoBlack_Circulo_with FM-551-2.jpg
  • F-39_Cord Black_Avex-2.jpg
  • E-18_R-27_SmoothWhite_Starbucks.jpg
  • F-30_TecnoBlack_Facebook_FM-624 for 2 glasses.jpg
  • 40-22_R-31_TecnoBlack_Voli_with FM-565.jpg
  • 40-22_R-17_TecnoWhite_Welch_FM_483-1.JPG
  • 40-22_R-33_TecnoBlue_50 Bleu_FM-568.jpg
  • E-18_R-10_TecnoSilver_AvisonYoung_with FM-594 for wine bottle.jpg
  • F-40_TecnoWhite_SRIII with FM-469.jpg
  • F-40_TecnoBlue_AmericanExpress with FM-582.jpg
  • F-40_TecnoBlack_FiestaBowl_with FM-614.jpg
  • 40-22_R-17_TecnoBlack_PrimeRevenue with FM-461.jpg
  • F-40_TecnoBlack_FM-523 for Champagne & Glasses.jpg
  • 40-22_R-1_TecnoWhite_SmartLeads with FM-534-3.jpg
  • F-41_TecnoSilver_with FM-617 for Award.jpg
  • F-41_R-2_with FM-524.jpg
  • F-39_R-2_TecnoWhite_SailThru_with FM-555_open-1.jpg
  • E-16_TecnoBlack_Capstone C_FM-583.jpg
  • E-18_R-10_TecnoSilver_with FM-551.jpg
  • 40-22_R-1_SmoothWhite_Timberland_with FM-623.jpg
  • E-18_R-23_TecnoRed_Ciena_Foam for frame.jpg
  • F-40_R-2_SmoothWhite_Bosch_FM-650_open_1.jpg
  • E-18_R-11_TecnoBlack_1893_FM-654.jpg
  • 40-22_R-33_TecnoBlue_50 Bleu_FM-568.jpg
  • F-42_R-2_TecnoRed_Sitecore_FM-684.jpg