Fiberboard Inserts

Fiberboard inserts are available in either BareValue uncoated White, Tan, Black - or in any of the GalleryBoard color/textures.  See color swatches here

Photos shown are random orders to show the variety in fiberboard insert design.  To find out more, email us or LiveChat.

Fiberboard inserts are made to order to fit your specific contents, inside the selected GalleryBoard Packaging gift box.  Quoted on request.  Provide items and we create a prototype for your approval.  Inserts are tooled after your approval. 


  • 40-34_R-14_SmoothBlack_COTA_40-20_R211 for Gift Card.jpg
  • E-16_R-12_TecnoWhite_AirCall_with 40-20-R420 insert.jpg
  • 40-34_R-13_SmoothWhite_Intel_with 40-20_R-336.jpg
  • 40-22_R-1_Blackboard_Converse_with 40-20_R-344.jpg
  • 40-34_R-11_TecnoBlack_Open with 40-20_R-108_usb from iclick.jpg
  • F-42_TecnoBlack_Cognizant with Insert for Coffee.jpg
  • E-7L_R-28_SmoothWhite_Nutrilite with 40-20_R-225_2.jpg
  • F-42_TecnoBlack_Cognizant_with insert 40-20_R-53.jpg
  • 40-22_R-1_Blackboard_FlexSteel-2.jpg
  • F-41_R-9_Blackboard_OneWorld_with insert.jpg
  • 40-34_R-13_TecnoBlack_Vinson and Elkins-2.jpg
  • E-18_R-10_TecnoWhite_Dynamo-1.JPG
  • E-7L_R-8_CordWhite_Bury-open with insert.jpg
  • E-16_R-11_TecnoBlack_MGM with 40-20_R-222.jpg
  • E-16_R-17_TecnoBlack_Asurion_with 40-20_R-357.jpg
  • E-16_R-11_TecnoBlack_MyCharge-4.jpg
  • F-41_R-4_SmoothWhite_Westgate.jpg
  • E-18-R-10_Tecno Black_1964__40-20_R381 Insert-1.jpg
  • E-18_R-10_TecnoBlack_Britton_40-20-R-64.jpg
  • E-16_R17_TecnoBlack_2ndMD_open view with 40-20 R-330.jpg
  • E-16_R-12_TecnoWhite_NationalJournal_open with insert.jpg
  • E-7L_R-8_Whiteboard_ADF_40-20_R382_4.jpg
  • E-7L_R-8_Whiteboard_ADF_40-20_R382.jpg
  • E-18_R-10_Tecno Black_1964__40-20_R381 Insert-1.jpg
  • E-16_R-1_TecnoBlack_Eagles_with 40-20_R380.jpg
  • F-40_TecnoSilver_Cardinals_40-20_R400 for tumbler and book.jpg
  • E-18_R-5_TecnoBlack_Expo_with Tray.JPG
  • E-18_R-21_Whiteboard_Santrol with E-8 inside-1.jpg
  • E-18_R-25_TecnoBlack_40-20_R-111 for football and stand.jpg
  • E-18_R-11_TecnoBlack_ConocoPhillips with 40-20_R397_1.JPG
  • F-39_R-3_TecnoRed_SkinnyGirl_FM-573 with overlay-2.jpg
  • E-18_R-24_TecnoWhite_with insert_40-20_R-355.jpg
  • E-18_R-21_TecnoWhite_Bigos_FM-622.jpg