Custom Design


In addition to the over 400+ already tooled portfolios, gift boxes, binders & desk storage items in the GalleryBoard Packaging line - we also offer custom design.  Any of the already tooled items can be accessorized with a custom made fiberboard or foam insert.   If you want a custom designed new package item, we can do that too.  Usually the run price of the new package item will be the same as the size/price group for its size.  For example - let's say you like the E-18-R10 Gift Box (Manhattan size/price group), but you want to adjust the dimensions slightly and maybe change the way the flap closes.  Chances are the new item will still be in the Manhattan (large) size/price group, so the run price of the new item will be the same as the E-18-R10.  The up-charge for custom will be the Design charge (includes design, template and prototype), and the tooling charge.  Those two charges vary depending on the size and style of the item and would range between $150-$550 (p) for Design and $300 - $1100 (p) for tooling.

Timing wise, allow 2-3 business days for us to create the prototype.  We can send that to you, or you can approve via photos.  Once you have approved, we'll send you a life-size template so you can set art.  Once you have placed the order, we'll then order the tooling.

If you are in the market for a custom design, you'll first place a purchase order for the Design, and then after you are happy with the Design, you can place the order for the Tooling and production.