Colors & Textures:

Every item in the GalleryBoard Packaging line is available in either GalleryBoard or BareValue.  See swatches below - they are separated into GalleryBoard colors & BareValue colors.

  • All colors in the GalleryBoard group are the same price.  

  • All uncoated board colors in the BareValue group are the same price.  

  • Swatch books are available and will be sent with any sample requests.

If you choose GalleryBoard -- then you select the INSIDE color from one of the BareValue colors (White, Tan or Black).  It is possible to add a GalleryBoard color to the inside of an item as well - this will be an upcharge and will be quoted on request.  It generally runs about $4 (P)


GalleryBoard Colors (coated colored/textured paper on the outside - baseboard is 100% recycled content).  All GalleryBoard colors are the same price. If you don't see your 'color' then we can start with White (Smooth, Tecno or Cord) and Flood Coat your pantone color (priced on request). GalleryBoard can be decorated with solid color pantone, blind deboss, colorfill and CMYK (starting with white only on CMYK). More on Decoration. 

Choose outside color + inside baseboard (your choice of white, tan or black, from the BareValue colors below)



BareValue Colors  (uncoated fiberboard - 100% recycled content).  Color is all the way through; 2-sided.  All BareValue colors are same price. BareValue can be decorated with solid color pantone or Blind Deboss.  They cannot be decorated with CMYK.   More on Decoration.