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  1. Choose Your Item. Note the Price Group. Price Group is determined by size (smallest to largest is Mini, Soho, TriBeCa, Manhattan, Maxi). 

  2. Choose your Stock - either GalleryBoard (coated, textured) or Bare Value (uncoated fiberboard). 

  3. Add for selected Accessories (some are included, it will be noted in item's description if included). 

  4. If you have ordered a CUSTOM item or a CUSTOM insert, add for design, prototype, tooling

  5. Set art * to the item's flat template. (We will provide you with the life-size template upon placing your order). Add the price of the chosen decoration method -- Screen Print, Vignette, Blind Deboss, Large area CMYK.

  • * ART - the four decoration methods -

    SCREEN PRINT - Pantone Spot colors (no CMYK). Limited half-tones are available. Full-coverage only available on GalleryBoard stock. Minimum is 100.

    LARGE AREA CMYK - Pantone Spot / Half-tone + CMYK up to 6 colors total. Only available on GalleryBoard stock. Minimum is 1000 +

    BLIND DEBOSS - (indentation) - no ink. Setup price depends on the size of the graphic, but there is a minimum charge of $100. Blind deboss only available on GalleryBoard stock. Minimum is 100.

    VIGNETTE nameplate - High resolution, digitally printed CMYK for low quantities, in a nameplate affixed to item (max size is 3.5 x 5.5). Supports variable data. Minimum is 100.

Mini / Soho / TriBeCa / Manhattan / Maxi
Product Pricing

 100 - 9991,000 - 1,9992,000 - 2,9993,000 +
Bare Value Mini (P)$1.50$1.12$1.04call for quote
Bare Value Soho (P)$2.20$1.60$1.48call for quote
Bare Value TriBeCa (P)$3.52$2.32$2.10call for quote
Bare Value Manhattan (P)$4.80$4.32$3.96call for quote
Bare Value Maxi (P)$9.60$8.64$7.92call for quote
Mini (P)$3.75$3.00$2.65Call for quote
SoHo (P)$5.50$4.50$4.00Call for quote
TriBeCa (P)$8.80$6.80$6.00Call for quote
Manhattan (P)$12.00$11.00$10.20Call for quote
Maxi (P)$24.00$21.60$19.80Call for quote
ACCESSORY: Colored Snap (min. 1000)$0.20$0.20$0.200.20
ACCESSORY: Handle/Latch/Twist Lock (black)$0.90$0.90$0.900.90
ACCESSORY: Business Card Sleeve (clear)$0.70$0.70$0.700.70
ACCESSORY: CD Hub - Black rubber$0.30$0.30$0.300.30
ACCESSORY: Corners Set of two (black)$0.70$0.70$0.700.70
ACCESSORY: Business Card Slits$0.70$0.70$0.700.70
ACCESSORY: CD Slits$0.70$0.70$0.700.70
ACCESSORY: CD/DVD Sleeves (clear)$1.10$1.10$1.101.10

Decoration Pricing

 100 - 9991,000 - 1,9992,000 - 2,9993,000 +
GalleryBoard SCREEN: 1st Color Solid Pantone$2.00$1.80$1.25call for quote
GalleryBoard SCREEN: Flood Color Solid Pantone$4.00$3.60$2.50call for quote
GalleryBoard SCREEN: ea addt'l Color Solid Pantone$0.90$0.65$0.40call for quote
GalleryBoard BLIND DEBOSS: each location$2.00$1.80$1.25call for quote
GalleryBoard: Large Area CMYK$0.00$0.00$0.00call for quote
BareValue SCREEN: 1st Color Solid Pantone$4.00$3.60$2.50call for quote
BareValue SCREEN: each addt'l Color Solid Pantone$1.80$1.30$0.80call for quote
Vignette nameplate - digital CMYK (Max size 3.5 x $2.90$2.45$1.65call for quote
Pre-Production Sample (SCREEN/DEBOSS/VIGNETTE only$300.00$300.00$300.00300.00
Setup Costs

Print Setup Charges Per Order (P)$200 per color
Deboss Setup Charges Per Order (P)$200/art (up to 8 sq
Vignette Setup Charge Per Order (P)$200 per art
Custom Insert Tooling & DesignCall for quote - $150 - $1100