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Inserts are only available for GalleryBoard Packaging gift boxes (we do not provide foam insert for shipper boxes). Inserts are available in 1). PE Foam, either black or white, 2). Bare Value uncoated fiberboard, either black, white or tan, or in 2). GalleryBoard colored/textured board, any of the stocked GalleryBoard colors/texture.

Custom Inserts have a run charge + a design fee + a tooling fee. Charges will vary by size of items and number of cavities required.

Allow 3-5 business days from receipt of your items for a design. Allow 10 business days (minimum) from approval to the design's prototype for shipping.

Contact customer service to get an estimate at anytime in the project. LiveChat - or

Send us the items that will go inside the fiberboard or foam insert.

Note: Fiberboard inserts are less expensive than foam inserts and can be printed, however, if your items are breakable, you will typically need a foam insert. If you use a foam insert, and want printing on the insert, you can request an add-on fiberboard or GalleryBoard overlay.
Once we receive your items, we will prepare a prototype of the fiberboard or foam insert. This will be before we make a cutting die and will be a hand-cut or table sample. For foam inserts, the prototype will be in either Black or White PE foam - you specify. For Bare Value fiberboard or GalleryBoard fiberboard inserts, the prototype will be provided in white or tan corrugate.

Allow 3-5 business days from receipt of your items for the completion of the prototype.
Once the prototype is made (see above), we'll send it to you inside the selected GalleryBoard packaging gift box or portfolio. You will approve the prototype before we order a cutting die.
Bare Value and GalleryBard fiberboard inserts are ecologically friendly - made from 100% recycled content and can be recycled.

PE Foam inserts are made from up to 90% post consumer waste and can be recycled as a plastic #4.